TAKE CARE OF LAPTOP ADAPTER                                                                       

1. Prepare a Backup Adapter
When you buy your laptop the first thing I would recommend it to buy a backup charger. Chargers take a beating and you never know when they are going to give out. The last thing you need is for your laptop to die only to find out that the only charger you had doesn’t work.
It’s really just a great idea to make sure you have another one just in case something goes wrong. You can keep one for usage at home and another for traveling or even a portable adapter so that you are always carrying two.
2. Store Charger/Adapter Properly
As with all electronics longevity is all how about you take care of them. Taking care of your laptop charger is not different. When it comes to your laptop you usually protect them by making sure they are in a case, inside a bag or even padded envelopes. Storage is key when waiting to extend the life of your laptop charger as well.
These power adapters should never be stored or exposed to extremely temperatures such as snow or the hot heat from a car in the summertime. Also make sure to keep them away from water and corrosive chemicals. If you are just learning how to take care of your laptop charger one of the best things to do is to wrap it up when not in use.
3. Don't Yank & Pull Out The Power Cord
When you are done charging your laptop properly detached it from both your laptop and the outlet. Many times when people are in a rush they will just yank the plug from the outlet. These can really damage both the laptop adapter as well as the outlet.
Doing this repeatedly will eventually cause the charger to be worn out and in some cases could easily cause one to electrocuted or harmed when touching the exposed wiring. Make sure that you check the voltage of both the power adapter and the outlet when plugging up your system so that you know they are compatible.
4. Overheating & Cooling
Another good way to protect the life of your charger is to make sure that when your charger starts getting very hot you unplug it. You don’t want to overheat your charger or laptop. When the charger is not needed make sure you unplug it as well.
If for some reason you need to use your charger and you experience it heating up put it on a surface where it could get some circulation or cool air so that it can stay cool.
Thats it for now!  If you need more tips on how to take care of your laptop charger please leave a comment below. For the most part this is all you need to do to extend the life of your power adapter.  Just be care and smart and you should have no problem.
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